Few facts about AceYourPaper website in my new review

AceYourPaper.com is a writing service company that claims to be located in Boca Raton, Florida. However, there is a possibility that this information is false because many writing service companies nowadays have a virtual office space and claim to have headquarters in the United Kingdom or the United States while, in reality, they are located in other foreign countries.

So, in order to create a good testimonial on AceYourPaper, I will look into other testimonials posted on the Internet and I will analyze the prices and the quality of their services.

The Services

Ace Your Paper offers mainly academic writing services. However, the palette is not that large, but there are some options that can really surprise you. For instance, there is an option regarding Corporate writing. I don’t really know what this option could bring you, but I believe it is just a use of pompous words.

What is disappointing though, is the fact that although AceYourPaper.com claims to offer excellent papers, it can’t help you with your resume.

Still, let’s see if the quality of the writings will make me change my mind or it will make me feel even more disappointed.

The Quality of the Products

The customer reviews regarding the quality of Ace Your Paper’s writing services is mainly negative. Every single review I’ve read criticizes the writing quality. With so much criticism, I had to search for an example and luckily, I found one. For example, here is one of the reviews I’ve found in the web – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/700872760734390309/

The ordered essay was about pollution, and it was full of mistakes. There were so many issues and errors that you might ask: how can someone call himself a writer and expect to be paid after writing such an essay? This made me believe that maybe the writer doesn’t edit his work after he finishes it.

Moreover, AceYourPaper.com claims that they hire only native English speakers, but how am I supposed to believe that? The errors everyone talks about in their reviews tend to say something else. The rating of this company is very low and unfortunately, I have to agree with the popular opinion.

You might think that the writing samples on the website are great, but in fact, they are far from that. They are just as bad as the real ones, with lots of quality issues, grammatical errors and more.

On the other hand, the customer support is polite, but at what cost? The way they answer your questions though might make you think that this isn’t an American writing service company.

What about the Prices?

This company’s prices are on the high side, costing around $20 per page if you order an essay about a random academic subject. In addition to this, there are no discounts whatsoever for you to benefit from. It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer or an old one, AceYourPaper.com doesn’t have any coupon codes, a promo code or any other special offers for you.

Too bad, I might say. At least their special offers could’ve saved their bad quality, but that’s not the case.


In conclusion, AceYourPaper.com is not the best writing company out there. Their papers look unprofessional, containing lots of serious grammatical and structural mistakes.

While their prices look average at a first sight, they feel inflated when thinking that there are no discounts or offers for the customers. Combining this with the doubt regarding its real location, I would say that AceYourPaper.com is a writing company that you may want to keep away from.

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