Here Is Why These Services Should Not Be Used

The market for writing services is huge and confusing, with many students needing proper guidance before being able to make a great choice. After all, being properly informed about an option before putting their time, money and hopes into it is essential in order to minimize risks.

It is here that can provide great help with. Our extensive experience gained from the numerous essay writing services reviews we’ve done means that we have a solid understanding of the market. We have always taken an unbiased approach, as it is the only way to gain and maintain the trust of students. Today we will look at 5 services that should be avoided, and we’ll tell you why.

1. SpeedyPaper
As numerous customer reviews could tell you, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. We experienced that feeling firsthand, as our paper displayed a poor knowledge of the English language, something that was clearly reflected in the grammar and word usage of the text. Not only that, but the formatting was very problematic as well, making the whole work look like a mess. Prices were average, with no discounts being visible at the time of our review. Regardless, no amount of money will be well spent here, as the papers received are useless – we wouldn’t dare to submit them anywhere.

2. PaperMasters
While not terrible in terms of writing, we wouldn’t say our paper was remarkable in any way either. The problem with this service comes with its price/quality ratio; starting at an exorbitant amount of $23.95 per page, it is more than double than the average range on the market. There were also no visible discounts, neither in the form of a promo code for new customers nor as periodic coupon codes. Guiding students towards excellent value for their money has always been a priority of ours, and this does not meet the requirements for it.

3. UKEssays
If you think the previous choice was unreasonably expensive, you will be just as stunned as we were to find the costs here. A simple economics essay had us charged with approximately $100 per page – that’s around 9-10 times more expensive than the average range! Not only that, but the ridiculous costs did not bring us an excellent paper either. The result looked like what an average student looking to do the bare minimum for a passing grade would write – resources were basic, and the same could be said by the ideas expressed on the topic. Customer support disappointed as well since we were neither given a solution to our complaints nor a refund.

4. PaperDueNow
Going back to awful writing quality, the paper ordered from this website had it all: poor grammar, incorrect word usage, messy formatting and simplistic language being just a few examples – a far cry from what testimonials say. There was no other aspect that could help save the company from a poor rating in our review.

5. WriteMyPaper
While not a scam or fraud, comes with all the problems that mean a waste of money: awful writing quality, poor resources used for the paper, and that’s before we even get to other aspects. Prices are below average for basic services, but skyrocket as you add “extras” such as plagiarism check or other services that others offer by default. Customer support also proved to be very unresponsive, with the indication to leave a message and wait to be contacted becoming all too common. It becomes quite clear that there is no silver lining here.

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