Resume Objective Statements: Examples, How-To, and FAQ

“Enthusiastic, courteous waiter seeking the role of a Cashier at XYZ Inc. Currently working part-time at Restaurant ABC, looking to fill up the rest of my time. Strong communication skills, and a genuine love for working with people. Good at carrying out mathematical calculations.”

Elementary School Resume Objective

Strong Resume Objective Examples

Process Integration Engineer

In my seven years as a Process Integration Engineer, I have acquired knowledge on process simulation, optimization and integration, inherently safer design principles, and PFD and P&ID skills. To enhance my knowledge and further my career, I’d like to bring these skills to the Supply Chain Manager position.

Medical Receptionist

As the Front Desk Receptionist at Seattle Chiropractic, I organized years worth of files and streamlined the check-in process. I’m now searching for a Medical Receptionist position where I can use my more than five years of experience to significantly improve productivity, organization, and patient satisfaction.

Account Manager

Seeking employment in a professional environment where I can diversify and improve upon the skills gained during my ten years as an Account Manager. As the Director of Corporate Sales, I would focus on enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation while improving my own.

Marketing Manager

With my three years of experience as a Marketing Coordinator at Travel Now Agency, I increased conversion rates 150 percent, implemented email marketing campaigns, and boosted traffic 500 percent. As the Marketing Manager at Study Abroad, Inc., I would focus on leading your international team of marketers to increase your reach, impressions, conversion rates, and overall traffic across all your platforms.

Social Media Manager

As a Social Media Coordinator at Kreative Agency, I helped launch award winning-campaigns, increased engagement on posts 120 percent, and boosted one client’s followers by 50,000 in three months. I’m currently seeking a Social Media Manager position where I can utilize all my skills and lead a team to master new platforms with even better results.

Brand Manager

Brand Coordinator seeking leadership opportunity as a Brand Manager. With more than five years of experience, I am looking to take on more challenges and lead your team to develop unique brand and innovation strategies across all your channels.

Public Relations Account Executive

As a Public Relations Assistant Account Executive, I honed my skills while landing clients consistent placements in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Wired. I’m now looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand my skill set, manage clients’ reputations, and develop/implement in-depth brand awareness campaigns.

Sales Associate

Professional Sales Associate highly skilled in Microsoft Office Suite, SAP (ERP, MRP CRM), and other financial/planning tools. Seeking position at a business with focus on ethics, transparency, and professional development.

Sales Manager

As a Sales Manager at my current role, I ensured the achievement of 105 percent of strategic product goals and 98 percent performance indicators of the sales team. I’m seeking a new experience with more challenges and opportunities for professional growth.

Sales Representative

Managed and developed territory with growth sales at Seattle Sales Consultants. Constantly applied dynamic and innovative techniques and developed territorial tactical plans. Now seeking an opportunity to work with larger territories and take on more responsibility.

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager looking for exciting new challenges. My goal at this point in my career is to capitalize upon new opportunities for career development within an organization that values hard work, integrity, and results. I look forward to hearing if I’m a good fit for the Head of Operations position.

How to Write a Convincing Resume Objective [w/ 5 Pro Tips]

Resume objectives get a bad rep because they’re hard to write and even harder to write well. At their worst, they’re overly generic and say nothing new about the applicant. When done right, though, they can really help your resume stand out.

The resume objective is structured in three main parts: (1) Who you are (2) What you offer to the company (3) How you’ll help the company accomplish its goals.


CPA-certified forensic accountant with demonstrated experience in financial record examination. Looking to apply my 3 years of experience at Deloitte, to help the team of XYZ improve their activity-based accounting techniques in the role of a managerial accountant.

If you follow the formatting, you’re already 90% ready with your resume objective. Now, all you have to do is ensure that your resume objective is in sync with the following 5 pro tips, and we’re done!

TIP 1: Make sure to tailor your resume objective to the specific position or organization you are applying to. After all, a vague “Engineer looking for an Engineering job” doesn’t impress anyone.

TIP 2: You should include skills, knowledge, and abilities that you know will help the company achieve its goals. The resume objective isn’t about yourself or your own career – it’s about how you’re going to help the company.

TIP 3: Do not brag or use subjective language in your resume objective. Use as many facts and numbers as possible to back up your experience. It’s one thing to say “Expert at Advertising” and another to say “Facebook Marketer, experienced in managing 5-figure advertising spend.”

XYZ Inc. is looking for a sales representative manager for its German branch. Minimum of 3 years of working experience in management. Daily duties: planning, directing, and overseeing the sales representative team.

Why it’s bad :

“Sales manager trained in Berlin. Looking to apply my 5+ years of management experience in XYZ Inc. by making sure the sales representative team is staffed and follows quality standards, helping XYZ increase revenue and market share in the process.”

40 resume objective examples

Looking for job-winning resume objective examples to take ideas from? Whether you need examples written by recent graduates or high-school/inexperienced objective samples, we provide 40 samples of resume objectives below, organized by job category:

Administration & Office Support

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective (College Graduate)

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective (High School Student)

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective (High School)


Beauty Industry Resume Objective

Cosmetologist Resume Objective

Food & Food Service

Bartender Resume Objective

Food Service Resume Objective

Line Cook Resume Objective

Line Cook Resume Objective

McDonalds Resume Objective

Waiter Resume Objective

Waiter Career Objective


Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Nursing Resume Objective (Master’s Degree)

Nursing Career Objective (Master

Entry-level Nursing Resume Objective

Entry-Level Nursing Career Objective

Infrastructure & Maintenance

Construction Worker Resume Objective

Housekeeper Resume Objective

Housekeeper Career Objective

Janitor Resume Objective Example

Janitor Career Objective

Security Guard Resume Objective

Security Officer Resume Objective

Truck Driver Resume Objective

Truck Driver Resume Objective

Warehouse Worker Resume Objective

Information Technology

Data Entry Clerk Resume Objective

Data Entry Career Objective

Graphic Design Resume Objective

Software Developer Resume Objective (College Graduate)

Life Situation

High School Student Resume Objective

High School Student Resume Objective

Internship Resume Objective

Intern Resume Objective


Fundraiser Resume Objective

Fundraiser Career Objective

Marketing Assistant Resume Objective (College Graduate)

Marketing Assistant Resume Objective

Social Media Resume Objective (College Graduate)

Social Media Manager Resume Objective

Research-based & Professional Services

Accounting Resume Objective

Accounting Resume Objective Example

How to write a career objective (with examples)

To write a good resume objective, first think about how your personal background (experience, skills, education, and interests) makes you the best fit for the role. Why should the specific company hire you for that job opening? What makes you better than other applicants?

1. If you’re a recent college graduate (little or no relevant experience)

Sample resume objective (only internship experience)

Recent college graduate with a BA in English Literature and six months of international internship experience . Dedicated worker aiming to help achieve [Company Name]’s objectives and take on more responsibility as quickly as possible . Seeking to leverage acquired academic knowledge and work experience to effectively fill your open office clerk position .

The student who wrote this particular resume objective has internship experience. Because any type of relevant working experience is valuable to employers, it should always be highlighted in the first sentence of a resume objective.

2. If you’re in high school or have no relevant experience

Resume objective sample (no experience)

Hard-working student (3.5/4.0 GPA) with proven leadership and organizational skills, and strong attention to detail . Dedicated team player who can be relied upon to help [Company Name] achieve its goals . Seeking to apply my abilities to fill the internship role listed on your website .

For example, if you mention developing your leadership skills as lacrosse captain, list this experience later in your resume’s experience section, along with details of how you used your leadership skills like:

Written by Samuel Johns, CPRW


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